State-of-the-art data centre for Redstone Connect PLC.

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Redstone, a leading UK I.T. Infrastructure provider engaged Phoenix Optics to install Cabinets, Cabling Containment and a cabling solution ready for the relocation of a Company’s servers to Telecity/Equinix, Acton. London.

Data centre installation in Amsterdam.

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Phoenix was commissioned to design and build a high-level containment solution, and to install a total of 40 cabinets within the datacentre, along with 38 x 24-way, 30 x 12-way and 14 x 6-way copper Cat6a panel-to-panel links, as well as a total of 38 x 48-port fibre OM3 panel-to-panel links.

Center Parcs, Woburn Forest Bedfordshire.

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Phoenix Optics were tasked with the installation of the main network infrastructure, more than 96 km of multicore fibre optic and copper voice cabling. Work commenced in August 2013, equipped with cable trailers and winches our external cabling engineering teams installed 132 core fibre optic cables and 100 pair voice cables linking the numerous main and secondary communication rooms in the main buildings on the 365 acre site.