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Phoenix Optics has forged a reputation as a trusted partner across fixed, mobile and private networks within the mobile communications industry and as such is therefore able to offer truly customisable end to end transmission fibre optic cabling solutions that can be individually tailored to needs of the of the customer.

These solutions can be as high level as the design and planning of a new transmission network fibre optic cabling and cable containment, down to the discovery, auditing and documenting of existing transmission networks. Phoenix Optics can confidently and professionally tailor and deliver the end solution to the customer.

Phoenix Optics can supply and install any cable containment solution, cable tray, cable basket and all types of enclosed fibre optic ducting containment systems.

Approved installers of HUBER+SUHNER Optical Distribution Frames, LISA high-density fibre management systems and the IANOS fibre optic management system .

Engineers available to install fully labelled fibre optic patch leads or audit existing patching.

All engineers are qualified, BTEC Level 3- Certified Network Installer (Fibre Optic and Copper) and FLUKE NETWORKS FCCTT & CCCTT (Fibre & Copper Certified Cabling Test Technician).

Phoenix Optics have provided these transmission fibre optic cabling and cable containment design and planning services to number of key players in the mobile communications industry such as EE, BT and Virgin Media.

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Experienced Installers of Data Cabling and Fibre Optic Cable Management Solutions, Data Cabinets, Fibre Optic Cabling ODF's, over head and under floor cable basket and Fibre Optic Cable routing Solutions.

Phoenix Optics are a leading supplier and installer of the Warren and Brown Lightpaths fibre optic ducting raceway brand YellowDuct and Gigaduct Flexible Duct Systems in the UK and Europe. A cost-effective and reliable solution for safely managing and routing fibre optic patch cables in a data centre or telecoms exchange.

We utilise mobile workshops, enabling our engineers to undertake all cutting works outside the building. During any drilling works and on completion, the work area is vacuumed using three stage HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners to ensure no dust contamination.

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