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Phoenix Optics are a global leader of Fibre Optic Ribbon Splicing and the installation of High Fibre Count Ribbon Fibre Optic Cabling to create next generation, end to end connectivity solutions for data centre, telecoms and enterprise networks.

Cloud computing services are the fastest growing among all large systems activities worldwide, and have led to the development of new data centre architectures, with data centres being built in clusters and multiple Co-location data centres being built in campus environments. These multi-data centre designs require very rich interconnections between the buildings and within the buildings. Accommodating these new designs into existing networks has led to severe cable management issues. Existing ducts are full and demand for increasing connectivity and bandwidth are showing no signs of slowing.

High density ribbon fibre cabling solutions were developed to meet today’s demand for the highest bandwidth capacity in a duct installation. Ribbon fibre provides significantly more fibre count in a small footprint compared to conventional single fibre cables designs.

Many of today’s high fibre count cables involve sub-units of 12 fibres. Splicing those fibres individually is very time consuming, mass fusion splicers, splice entire 12 fibre ribbons simultaneously. At Phoenix Optics, we utilise industry leading Fujikura and Sumitomo Mass Fusion Splicers to fusion splice the latest Ultra-High Fibre Count solutions available providing interconnection between and within datacentre buildings on a scale, never seen before.

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Ribbon Fibre solutions present the 12 individual fibres precisely bonded together ready to ribbon splice, but we can ribbonise coventional single fibres. We utilise a glue-less process for ribbonising 12 fibres into a ribbon. The ribbonising tools saves time and money by eliminating inefficiencies such as cure time, contamination of splicing equipment and no consumable costs.


Phoenix Optics offer a field installation of MTP Compatible splice on connectors from all manufacturers, to enable fast and reliable installation of MTP connectors to bare fibre or 3mm jacket cable for data centre cabling systems or other applications where MTP (also known as MPO) connectivity is required. Ideal for emergency MTP cable repair, for high-density data centre connectivity without pre-engineered trunk lengths or applications with containment limitations and where cable slack management is a concern.

Corning FuseLite® MTP® Compatible Splice-On Connector

The FuseLite® MTP®-Compatible Splice-on Connector enables fast, reliable fusion splicing repair, restoration or connectivity for data centre cabling systems or other applications where MTP (also known as MPO) connectivity is required.

As part of Pretium EDGE® SE Solutions for data centres, the FuseLite MTP-Compatible Connector pairs with Pretium EDGE modules and hardware for high-density data centre connectivity without preengineered trunk lengths – ideal for applications with conduit limitations or where cable slack management is a concern. The FuseLite MTP-Compatible Connector is also ideal for emergency repair and restoration of data centre cable trunks and other MTP-based connectivity.

Available in single-mode and multimode, the FuseLite Connector eliminates the need for splice trays and is compatible with leading fusion splicers in the market.

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Sumitomo Lynx-CustomFit® Splice-On MTP Connectors

Sumitomo’s Lynx2-MPO is the industry’s first MPO fusion splice-on field installable connector for customized, on-site, terminations. The breakthrough technology of the Lynx2-MPO meets the needs of the network for greater optical fibre density and addresses the connectivity demands for faster and easier terminations, upgrades, repairs and restorations, and significant cost savings required for today’s data centre, enterprise network, outside plant, OEM, central office, and virtually any FTTx network application.

MTP® compatible, the Lynx2-MPO is the perfect solution for optical fiber ribbon and loose tube round cord and patch cord terminations.

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