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The Challenge

The client’s company, one of the world’s leading financial organisations, required a state-of-the-art new datacentre to accommodate growing demand.

Phoenix was commissioned to design and build a high-level containment solution, and to install a total of 40 cabinets within the datacentre, along with 38 x 24-way, 30 x 12-way and 14 x 6-way copper Cat6a panel-to-panel links, as well as a total of 38 x 48-port fibre OM3 panel-to-panel links.

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The Solution

As a leading Excel approved installer, we were able to develop a comprehensive design and installation solution based around the very latest Cat6a technology along with OM3 Pre-terminated fibre 10Gbs solution.

The approved programme involved the installation of 40 cabinets, power distribution units, top of cabinet cable basket tray to support the copper cabling and a higher level Warren and Brown ducting raceway to support the fibre trunks.

To ensure we met the demands of the fast paced installation, we utilised our own Fibre optic and copper cabling pre-termination facility in Cambridgeshire.

Nanometer Technologies polishing machines ensure we always supply factory equivalent fibre optic terminations within our facility and on-site.

Accurate Auto CAD generated measurements for both fibre and copper throughout the pre-termination process.

This was then installed to a programme of priorities, ensuring the pre-term cabling was installed in the correct phases from the main patching cabinets to the server destination cabinets. This was carefully managed by our on-site team.

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