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We offer a Fibre Optic Cable Repair Service available 24/7. If a fibre optic cable is broken, damaged or cut it is generally assumed that the cost of a fibre optic cable repair runs into thousands of pounds, infact Phoenix Optics can repair broken or cut fibre optic cables the same day for much less.

Our fibre optic cable repair engineers utilise the latest OTDR test equipment to identify the exact point of damage allowing them to fusion splice the fibres and ensure your fibre link is operational as quickly as possible.

If your fibre optic cable is damaged, broken or accidently cut, please call on 0845 021 5800 to arrange a fast response team for a same day call out.

Our engineers will diagnose the fault, repair if possible or arrange for the deployment of the necessary components, cable, hardware or patch cables to ensure the cable is repaired and active as quickly as possible.

In a world of high speed communication, most computer networks rely on fibre optic cables. Outages caused by cut or damaged fibre optic cables can have a serious impact on the users of computer/network systems, in particular those industries that rely on a 24-hour service. Network outage for corporations, industry sectors and utility providers relying on fibre optic cables for communication and automation can be catastrophic for mission-critical applications. We understand the importance of fixing a faulty fibre link quickly, with that reason in mind this fibre optic cable repair call out service is offered 24 hours a day 7 Days a week.

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FAST RESPONSE Fibre Optic Cable Repair Service available 24/7

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